LED Video Walls

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With CONCEPT's unique package of attractively priced LED walls, suspensions, video controllers and matching services, any provider of IT, illuminated advertising and shopfitting can now easily enter the rapidly growing market for LED video walls. The FutureSource Study puts the growth at 29 percent per year! What's new with us is the option to rent a LED wall for a monthly fee without risk – including warranty extension, on-site service and vandalism insurance.
We call this "LED Wall-as-a-Service"!

Areas of application:
Home cinema, booth construction, shopfitting with digital signage, lobbies, bars, canteens, stadiums, events & concerts, façade advertising (DooH), airports, railway stations, universities, control rooms & the like.

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All Important Information About LED Video Walls

What is the Difference Between an LED Wall and an LCD Wall?

With an LED wall, visible frames between displays are a relic of the past. It can also be used to create completely new visual experiences – such as column cladding and curves. In combination with suitably created videos, they captivate every person looking at them. Luminosities of up to 6,000 cd/m² are possible – perfect for facades or concerts. CONCEPT International ensures that the LED selection perfectly matches the customer's objective.

Components of an LED Wall

The video walls are seamlessly assembled from LED displays. Each LED display, in itself, has an internal power supply (possibly another, redundant one) and two (sometimes four) LED modules or tiles with video receiver cards held onto the front of the LED display body with strong magnets. A video controller feeds the individual video receiver cards – ensuring that each display is properly addressed by an HDMI input signal. The brightness – usually adaptive via a brightness sensor – and position of the individual displays are also set this way. When replacing a module, it is always possible to individually adjust the brightness of the new module to that of the others. We also offer remote maintenance that monitors other "life data" such as temperature, etc.

Overview and Selection of the Right LED Wall Type

We distinguish between "normal" and "rental" LED video walls and "outdoor" video walls. Normal LED displays have an aluminum enclosure closed at the back. Rental displays (indoor and outdoor) consist of aluminum tubular frames, which can be easily connected by means of quick-release fasteners – usually only the top frame is attached and all other frames are slipped on. Then, the LED tiles (LED modules) are pushed through and attached either from the front or from the back. The LED tiles are also encapsulated on the back – which makes them more stable in terms of assembly and disassembly and mechanically less sensitive. The rental versions can also be used for permanent installation if a hanging installation – for example, in a shop window – makes sense. Outdoor video walls have high brightness, are waterproof as per IP protection class and have the "rental" design.

Choosing the Right Pixel Sizes

Depending on the setting in which the video wall is used, the right combination of display size and pixel spacing ("pitch") is required according to the planned distance between audience and screen. We offer displays with different pitches and advise you on all aspects of the selection. Pixel Pitch

Selection of the Right Video Controller

We rely on the proven market and technology leader NovaStar. Depending on the number of LED walls, format, resolution and redundancy concept, the selection of the video controller(s) is elementary. These must also be matched to the receiver units in the LED modules. We will advise you on extras such as brightness adjustment, HDR (High Definition Range Display) and remote connection (via fiber optics).

Making Replacement Modules Available

To ensure long-term operation, we automatically stock the appropriate quantity of LED replacement modules from the same production batch free of charge for the duration of the warranty period. They have the same color calibration in case of emergency and thus ensure an unclouded display of the entire LED wall for years! We deliver them as standard to the trained customer or system integrator.

Warranty Extensions and Insurances

The standard warranty is 2 years and in case of damage the defective part must be returned (bring-in). Of course we provide warranty extensions to 3, 4 and 5 years. We are also happy to arrange on-site service for an additional charge. As a further option, insurance against damage such as vandalism and other mechanical damage etc. is available. This is especially recommended for store fitting, schools and semi-public buildings.

Electrical and Mechanical Planning

Depending on the size, weight and number of LED modules installed, electrical power planning, thermal design and a statically tested substructure with fixtures are required. CONCEPT can arrange suitable engineering firms and manufacturers for suspensions if required, or plan the project at a fixed price.

Arrangement of Installation and Commissioning

On request, local service partners from our network can take over the delivery, assembly, installation, calibration and maintenance of the complete LED wall – at fixed special conditions. A service that system integrators (if in-house is not possible) may also sell!

Ensuring the Operation, Service & Maintenance

Especially for LED walls that serve to display [paid] advertising, the proper function must be ensured. In cooperation with NovaStar, a maintenance software was developed that minimizes on-site service calls and significantly reduces downtime. By using it, a maintenance call can be organized automatically – before a defect occurs. If something is not running, we take over: remotely, on site or via our service partners in the vicinity. Our customers or resellers and shopfitters do not have to worry about all the technical details.

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