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The management of conference and office space has become increasingly complex amidst the growing trend of remote working and flexible working models. Among other things, this has led to underutilized spaces and an increased need for versatile, collaborative workspaces. In this era of new work and agile working concepts, door signs from Qbic, also known as digital door signs or room signage, are not only innovative technological solutions, they act as a cornerstone in efficient space management. The flexible LCD desk signs can also be used to digitally support desk sharing concepts, for example in open-plan offices.

They also offer a wide range of benefits, including

  1. Seamless integration: The devices fit seamlessly into existing facilities with their small form factor and allow for easy implementation of space management and time and attendance solutions.
  2. Visual hub: Qbic offers a visual interface, a hub, that provides important information at a glance, improving communication and coordination within the organization.
  3. Sustainability and energy efficiency: Qbic's thin and light hardware is designed for sustainability and extremely low power consumption, contributing to an environmentally friendly solution.
  4. Digital time tracking: The LCD displays can be used as visual terminals with their NFC and RFID interfaces for legally required time recording.

By choosing Qbic hardware, organizations not only get award-winning displays, but also access to a reliable ecosystem of software partners such as (Zeitwart, Tisoware and others). These provide purpose-built software for space and workplace signage, booking, management and time and attendance, enabling companies to easily implement efficient space management and time and attendance methods – key aspects of modern business success.

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