"Curved LEDs" Enable Stepless Bending Even in Extremely Small Radii

With the flexible LED screen mats of the new FutureLED Flex series, columns and rotundas can be converted into luminous displays. Also known as “Curved LED,” these LED video walls are available in pixel pitches from 1.2 to 4.0 mm and open up radically innovative possibilities at the point of sale.

How is this possible? The rubber mats on which the LEDs are mounted allow infinite bending even in extremely small radii (up to about 37 cm). When held in the hand, the LED mats can be run like a wave before being delivered fixed in the aluminum housing at almost any angle according to the customer’s wishes. The LED mats have a height of 12 or 16 cm and a width of 24 cm. The customized housing is supplied by the manufacturer according to the customer’s requirements.

Also good to know: For our FutureLED Flex series LED Walls, you can get optional warranty extensions and rental options including vandalism insurance.



The underlying technologies:

SMD stands for “surface mounted device,” a component that is mounted on a surface. In terms of our LED walls, these are the LEDs that are soldered with the connection surface directly onto a printed circuit board. The pixels are placed individually – which can be clearly felt when running a finger over them due to the rough surface. One advantage is that they can be easily repaired or replaced. SMD LEDs are among the smallest light sources in LED technology.


Optional: GOB stands for “Glue On Board”, a resin used to fill the gaps and create a flat surface in which the LED pixels are fully embedded. This protective layer effectively protects the image surface from mechanical damage, making it shock-resistant and also dust-resistant.


Our video wall series at a glance >>

Tech. Specifications

FLEX Series
Pixel Spacing
1,25 / 1,70 / 1,90 / 2,50 / 3,00 / 4,00 mm
Aspect Ratio
Resolution of Display
144 x 96 / 144 x 64 / 96 x 64 / 80 x 40 / 60 x 30 px.
SMD, optional: GOB
Operation Area
Dimensions (WxHxD mm)
240 x 160 mm / 270 x 120 mm / 240 x 160 mm / 240 x 120 mm; Bending radius: ca. 37 cm
Luminosity cd/m²
600 - 1000, opt. up to 5.000
Lifetime in Hours
100.000 h
Weight (Kg)/Cabinet
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 40°C

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