FutureLED Videowalls

Is your company looking for energy-efficient and flexible LED walls?
With FutureLED, we have an innovative own brand for LED panels in our range that perfectly combines technology, economy and price structure. The total of eight series impress with their flexible application options and innovative technology - both indoors and outdoors:

- They are much easier to set up and dismantle with wireless snap-in panels.
- Flip Chip and Common Cathode, FCCC for short, ensure greatly reduced power consumption.
- GOB and COB processes guarantee robust, waterproof & UV-resistant surfaces.

Our prices and requirements are calculated by panel and not, as is usually the case, by square meter. And: you can also rent the LED walls risk-free - including extended warranty, on-site service and vandalism insurance.

Enter the rapidly growing market for LED video walls now!
Contact us directly to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!
E-mail: or phone: +49 (89) 961 6085-26
FutureLED is Concept International's own brand. Only extensively tested and proven products are carefully selected by us and offered under this brand.

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