Cost-effective even with the latest super-COB technology

The FutureLED RUBIN series is characterised by an incredible price-performance ratio. It is designed for indoor use in 16:9 video format, 9:16 portrait format is also possible. The special feature is the pixel engine, which uses four LEDs squarely and efficiently in one light spot (RGBG). The use of this “super COB technology” optimises colour accuracy, brightness, picture quality and contrast (1:10,000). In addition, it enables smooth and also resistant surfaces at the front, which are thus easily washable, insensitive to dust, shock-resistant and UV-resistant.

Particularly noteworthy is the fire protection certificate according to class B-s1, d0. This even allows it to be used in airports, educational institutions and other public buildings, for example.

The RUBIN series achieves a brightness of up to 800 cd/m². There is a choice of three pixel sizes: 0.79, 0.93 and 1.25 mm.

Two impressive arguments in favour of this LED series: No cables are needed for installation because power, signal and LED modules are connected automatically by assembling them. This means that video walls can be set up much faster – with a lower error rate. In addition, it saves 50% electricity.

Also good to know: for our LED Walls of the FutureLED RUBIN series you can get optional warranty extensions and rental options including vandalism insurance.



The underlying technology:

COB stands for chip-on-board. With COB LEDs, several LED chips are cast directly into a printed circuit board… This method has the advantage that it produces larger luminous fluxes and thus brighter light than usual. In addition, it is no longer possible to see transitions in the light; it shines with the same brightness at every point.

Our video wall series at a glance >>

Tech. Specifications

Pixel Spacing
0,79 / 0,93 / 1,25 mm
Aspect Ratio
16:9, 9:16
Resolution of Display
384 x 432 / 640 x 360/ 240 x 270 px
Operation Area
Dimensions (WxHxD mm)
608 x 342 x 36 mm
Luminosity cd/m²
600 - 800
Contrast Ratio
1 : 10.000
Number of Modules/Cabinet
8 (4 x 2) / 4 (2 x 2)
Color processing/colors (trillions)
16 Bit
Viewing Angle
Energy Saving
Lifetime in Hours
100.000 h
Weight (Kg)/Cabinet
5,3 / 5,2 kg
Fire Protection
Class B-s1, d0
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 40°C

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