FutureLED SQUARE Rental

The Extremely Robust Indoor Variant of the Square Series – Perfect for Quick Assembly

The new FutureLED SQUARE Rental series is ideal for robust indoor applications. Proven SMD technology is used here, which is sealed by means of GOB. The latter enables particularly smooth and also resistant LED displays on the front side, which are thus easily washable, insensitive to dust, shock-resistant and UV-resistant.

The SQUARE Rental series achieves a brightness of up to 800 cd/m² and pixel sizes of 1.95 to 3.91 mm. The individual displays have an aspect ratio of 2:1 or 1:1, with a grid size of 50 x 50 cm. The four (2 x 2) or eight (4 x 2) LED tiles of each display are built into 67 mm-thick aluminum housings.

The special feature of this series: thanks to its robustness, the SQUARE series is also suitable for floor mounting. The displays can be walked on and offer both concave and convex design options. In addition, the modules in the rental version are accessible from the front as well as the back, which predestines them for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, e.g. at conferences or events.

Another highlight: No cables are required for installation, i.e. power, signal and LED modules are connected automatically by putting them together – saving time and errors. This means that the modules can be quickly assembled into huge video walls without time-consuming cable plugging.

Also good to know: For our LED Walls of the FutureLED SQUARE Rental series you get optional warranty extensions and rental options including vandalism insurance.



The underlying technologies:

SMD stands for “surface mounted device”, a component that is mounted on a surface. In terms of our LED walls, these are the LEDs that are soldered directly onto a printed circuit board with the connection surface. The pixels are placed individually – which can be clearly felt when running a finger over them due to the rough surface. One advantage is that they can be easily repaired or replaced. SMD LEDs are among the smallest light sources in LED technology.

GOB stands for “Glue On Board”, a resin used to fill the gaps and create a flat surface in which the LED pixels are fully embedded. This protective layer effectively protects the image surface from mechanical damage, making it impact-resistant, and also insensitive to dust.

Our video wall series at a glance >>

Tech. Specifications

SQUARE Rental Series
Pixel Spacing
1,95 / 2,61 / 2,97 / 3,91 / 4,81 mm
Aspect Ratio
2:1 / 1:1
Resolution of Display
128 x 128 / 168 x 168 / 192 x 192 / 256 x 256 px.
SMD, optional: GOB
Operation Area
Dimensions (WxHxD mm)
1000 x 500 / 500 x 500 (concave, convex) x 67 mm
Luminosity cd/m²
300 - 800
Contrast Ratio
1 : 5.000
Number of Modules/Cabinet
8 (4 x 2) / 4 (2 x 2)
Color processing/colors (trillions)
14 ~ 16 Bit
Viewing Angle
Lifetime in Hours
100.000 h
front / rear
Weight (Kg)/Cabinet
6,8 kg / 12,5 kg (27 kg/m² bzw. 25 kg/m²)
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 40°C

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