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CONCEPT's industrial PC systems are designed for harsh environments. We optimize the systems for fail-safe continuous operation. The high-quality components ensure a long service life with low maintenance requirements.

Are there areas in your company where major temperature fluctuations, dust or vibrations can occur? Then CONCEPT's industrial PC systems are just right for you. Our range of industrial PCs includes robust, fanless systems that operate very quietly and are also temperature-resistant and vibration-resistant.

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Advantages of Industrial PCs:

Industrial PCs, also known as IPCs, have become indispensable tools in a variety of industrial applications. These specially designed computers offer a number of advantages that make them particularly suitable for use in industrial environments.

  1. Robustness and reliability: Industrial PCs are designed for use in demanding environments where conventional computers could fail due to vibrations, temperature fluctuations, dust or moisture. They are often built with robust housings that protect them from damage caused by external influences.
  2. Advanced customization options: IPCs offer a wide range of configuration options to meet the specific needs of various industrial applications. They can be equipped with special interfaces, expansion slots and modules to meet the requirements of machine control, data acquisition, image processing and other industrial processes.
  3. Long-term availability: In contrast to consumer PCs, which often become obsolete after a short time, industrial PCs are generally supported and available over a longer period of time. This is particularly important for companies that depend on long-term continuity and reliability and are unable to make regular updates or replacements.
  4. Stability and compatibility: Industrial PCs are often manufactured with specially selected components that ensure high stability and compatibility with industrial software and control systems. This minimizes potential problems with incompatibilities and ensures smooth integration into existing industrial infrastructures.
  5. Extended temperature ranges: Many industrial environments can experience extreme temperatures, whether in heat-generating applications or extremely cold environments. Industrial PCs are often designed for an extended temperature range, which allows them to function reliably in extreme conditions without sacrificing performance.
  6. Long-term cost efficiency: Although industrial PCs may require a higher initial investment than consumer PCs, they often offer better overall cost efficiency in the long term. Their robustness and durability can help minimize downtime, reduce maintenance and replacement costs and protect long-term investments.
Overall, IPCs offer a number of key benefits that make them a preferred choice in industrial environments. Their robustness, adaptability, reliability and long-term availability help companies to optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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