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Maximum security, speed and functionality to present your screen content

For meetings, conferences, schools or universities: the AirServer products can transmit content from up to eight (!) laptops, tablets or cell phones simultaneously to a large screen or whiteboard. They support all wireless video protocols, such as Apple's AirPlay, Android's Google Cast and Windows Miracast - even simultaneously. Employees and guests can easily connect their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to the conference screen without having to install an app. With the AirServer, screen sharing finally becomes a spontaneous plug'n play experience!

Concept International is a German licensee of the leading AirServer solution and the only manufacturer of AirServer Connect in OPS and SDM module format for direct insertion into conference room displays or whiteboards (also available as a Windows version).

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Strengthen agile teams and creative collaboration

AirServer products serve as a reliable bridge between users and a moderator. This means that nothing stands in the way of protected content sharing, as the moderator can allow or cancel specific streaming requests. Another practical example is so-called huddle spaces - agile meetings with a maximum of six participants, in which it is also possible to mark up and draw on the conference room display (which must have a touch function): the entries on the display are sent back to the Windows notebook ("touch-back" and "write-back" function). The developers arrive with a Windows laptop, the graphics department with a Macbook and the UX designer with an iPhone? No problem, because all team units can present their ideas on a large screen at the same time. This allows suitable solutions to be discussed quickly. Agile and efficient teamwork in particular can benefit enormously from the universal platform.

The "live streaming" function is also unique: I can view what is currently being shown on the conference room display live from anywhere in the local network via any web browser. Perfect for running sessions or presentations in parallel in other (seminar) rooms.

Questions and answers

Q1: Is a video/micro/soundbar supported on the conference room display?

AirServer Connect Windows supports this, as the AirServer functionality is called up in a Windows window and the video/micro/soundbar is supported by the Windows operating system for video conferencing. This makes little sense for AirServer Connect, as the mirroring connection only transmits the image & sound to the conference display: Speaker output is therefore via the soundbar, but the microphone and camera are used on the mobile device.

Q2: When I switch on the display in the morning, there is no input signal - but the AirServer is on (green LED). Why is that?

Then the "Turn Display Off, When Inactive" option is activated. The AirServer Connect then switches off the video signal after an adjustable time. Most displays switch to sleep mode after a few minutes if there is no video signal. Therefore, the conference room display does not actually have to be switched off manually after use. However, the AirServer Connect is still active. This means that it can quickly reactivate the conference room display as soon as a mirroring request is received. If the display does not switch on by reactivating the video input signal, you should deactivate the option.

So don't get confused, simply start screen synchronization/mirroring on the mobile device - and it will switch on again.

Q3: What is the CEC function?

With this function, the AirServer Connect can send an ON and OFF signal (via the HDMI cable) to the connected display. As soon as the AirServer Connect goes into the above-mentioned power-saving mode, it immediately switches off the conference room display. If it receives a mirroring request, it switches the monitor back on again. Not all displays support CEC - however, experience has shown that an activated CEC option does no harm - most displays only switch to sleep mode after a few minutes if no video signal is received.

Q4: What is the AirServer Connect app for?

Usually you don't need the app. In rare company environments with highly configured firewalls and the use of a building WLAN, the app can help to establish the connection to AirServer Connect. The app is available in the Google Play Store. The app uses Bluetooth to obtain the necessary information from AirServer. For Apple devices, the app is not necessary for the AirServer Connect, as the AirPlay protocol includes Bluetooth anyway.
Note: the Apple app is still available for AirServer Connect (version 1). After opening it, simply scan the QR code (Network Discovery QR Code) on the screen and the screen mirroring function will start immediately.

Q5: What security measures can I activate to prevent random screen mirroring?

There are optional security measures for the three connection protocols, which can be activated individually in the settings:
A) you have to enter a code that can be seen on the screen
B) you must give your approval on the touchscreen of the conference room display
C) you can allow mirroring as the moderator
Depending on the protocol used (Apple AirPlay / Google Cast / Miracast), one or the other option may not work. With Apple AirPlay, you can also define a required password in the settings.

Q6: Do I need license management if I have a lot of AirServer Connect?

There is a cloud management at, which is provided free of charge by AirServer. The AirServer must have Internet access for this. Under Settings / About you will find (as long as the Connect is not connected to a cloud account) a token (an ID number) that you can use to register the AirServer Connect in your own account. Systems registered there can be grouped and managed with regard to all settings. Individual names can be assigned, moderator mode can be activated, updates can be installed and certain security features can be activated and deactivated. Of course, I can also see device data such as the serial number and software version.

Q7: How does the moderator mode (or teacher function) work?

The settings can be accessed via any browser using the IP address of the AIRSERVER CONNECT and the password assigned during initial installation. Alternatively, of course, via Cloud Management. Activate the mode there. This causes mirroring requests and a list of active mirroring processes to appear. In the window that then appears, you can accept or reject incoming streaming requests and actively terminate existing connections.
By the way: this also works on your smartphone.

P.S.: A special moderator app or web access for this is in preparation.

Q8: Can I use the conference room screen on my laptop as a presentation display and the laptop screen as a speaker screen?

A: Yes, you can.
Windows/Powerpoint: when connecting to the AIRSERVER CONNECT ([WIN]+K), activate the connected AirServer display as an extended screen. Then start the presentation [F9]. If the presenter and presentation screens are swapped: Menu -> "Set up presentation", swap the screens there.
Apple: System Preferences -> Monitors -> Arrange and do NOT click on "Synchronize screens". Under Settings -> Presentation then activate Presentation on second monitor.

Q9: Can I operate the mobile device with the touchscreen of the display?

Yes, this function is called 'Touchback'. This allows you to start the presentation on the laptop, but continue scrolling on the touchscreen, make mouse and keyboard inputs - these are sent back to the laptop. You can even draw (digitizer support). This also works when multiple mobile devices are streaming.
Note: this function is only supported by the Miracast protocol (i.e. Windows 10 and some Samsung tablets/smartphones). In addition, "Support mouse, keyboard, finger and pen input" must be activated under Windows when connecting to the AirServer Connect ([WIN]+K).

Q10: Is the sound (of a video being played) output to the speakers of the display?

A: Yes. However, there may be problems with some (older) Android devices.

Q11: Does the streaming mobile device have to be connected to the AirServer's guest WLAN?

Basically, iPhones and Apple devices cannot establish an AdHoc connection with the AirServer - they must either join the guest WLAN of the AirServer or the guest WLAN of the house (via password).

This step is not necessary with Windows and Android devices: the AirServer appears even without a connection to the guest WLAN and can be streamed AdHoc (i.e. immediately after AirServer selection).

Note: the access data of a guest WLAN of the building can also be displayed on the AirServer screen (with Connect QR code). It is then not necessary to use or activate the guest WLAN of the AIRSERVER CONNECT.

Q12: How can I cleanly separate the Internet access of the guest WLAN from the other network resources?

A distinction must be made as to whether the guest WLAN is provided via building routers or via the AIRSERVER CONNECT. With the building WLAN, the administrator is responsible for the security settings. For the AirServer guest WLAN, it is advisable to set the guest WLAN to "Internet only" in the settings if the AIRSERVER CONNECT has not been disconnected from the network resources by the administrator. The connected mobile devices then have no access to local printers and servers via an IP address restriction. If company employees need to access local network resources during mirroring, they can be switched to "full access" (temporarily if necessary) via the moderator mode.

Q13: How do I get access to the AirServer Connect settings?

In general, you need the password assigned during installation. This allows you to:

  1. Access via the menu on the screen (touchscreen or USB mouse required)
  2. Via the IP address of the AirServer
  3. Via the AirServer cloud if the device is registered there and you have access to the corresponding cloud account.

Q14: Can I activate the guest WLAN in the AIRSERVER CONNECT and be connected to the Internet via WLAN at the same time?

Yes, this is possible with the new AIRSERVER CONNECT 3 and 2. With the previous AIRSERVER CONNECT, a USB/WLAN stick is required.

Q15: Where can I see whether I am using the latest AirServer software?

You can find the firmware version for the current AIRSERVER CONNECT 2 here. With the previous AIRSERVER CONNECT here.

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