Qbic Displays

Design & Engineering Expertise for Room Signage & Time Recording

Qbic is a leader in the design and development of ARM and Android-based systems for room signage, time and attendance and many other applications. The manufacturer is backed by a strong collective of electronics, mechanics, industrial and software design experts who provide award-winning solutions.

A comprehensive package of the latest security functions protects the respective system, data and access. The provision of timely Android operating system versions with seamless security patch updates is a matter of course at Qbic. The solutions are characterized by maximum product durability and quality designed for outstanding performance. Qbic not only offers innovative and high-quality hardware, but also long-term support. Key system components are maintained and upgraded over the long term.

The focus at CONCEPT is on Qbic's ePaper displays and LCD door signs as indispensable tools for space management and time recording in an era of New Work and agile working concepts. The innovative Qbic models help to increase efficiency, optimize the working environment and maximize the use of resources - key aspects for the success of modern companies.

When you choose Qbic, you also gain access to our trusted ecosystem of software partners (Zeitwart, Tisoware, etc.) that provide specially developed software for room and workplace signage, booking and management. This makes it easy for companies to implement optimal room management methods.

Is your company looking for the ideal solution for digital signage, booking and managing rooms, workstations and resources or for check-in & out?

Would you like to add the products to your range as a retailer? CONCEPT International is a distributor of Qbic solutions in German-speaking countries.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to get in touch with us. Our experts look forward to hearing from you!

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