AS Connect OPS/SDM

The 'invisible' AirServer module

Similar to all other AirServer models, the AS Connect OPS/SDM is a digital solution designed for wireless screen transmission. This innovative technology allows users to wirelessly mirror screen content from up to eight devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets or laptops, to larger display devices such as televisions, projectors or interactive whiteboards. The “live streaming” function is also unique: what is currently being shown on the conference room display can be viewed live via any web browser anywhere in the local network.


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The AS Connect OPS/SDM is a plug-in module that has been specially designed for integration into compatible displays, such as interactive whiteboards or large displays. Compared to the familiar AirServer Connect 2 (mini cube), the OPS version disappears completely into the conference room display or whiteboard. All familiar functions, even those of the guest WLAN, naturally also work with the AS Connect OPS/SDM. Compared to the AirServer Connect 2, which is connected separately via power and HDMI cables, the OPS/SDM version also offers additional protection against theft, as it requires more effort to remove a module screwed into the display.

Compared to the AS Windows OPS/SDM, the AS Connect OPS/SDM not only accesses the licensed AirServer app, but also enables the setting up of a guest WLAN, visibility of a customizable start screen with instructions and moderator access.

The AS Connect OPS/SDM is therefore ideal for use in educational institutions, businesses, conference rooms and other environments where screen sharing is important for presentations, training or team collaboration. By using 11th generation Intel processors (Tiger Lake), a powerful CPU and graphics performance, video sequences can be played back smoothly even in UHD and images can be displayed with a high level of detail. The OPS/SDM module controls monitors with a resolution of up to 8k with low power consumption.

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