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Mobile POS Systems

We carry two different types of mobile POS systems: Handheld PCs with and without integrated printers.
Handheld printer POS systems can elegantly take orders in the catering industry, for example, and print out the invoice immediately if required. Equipped with a barcode scanner, they are also used in retail. All data is transferred wirelessly to the cloud or to a server and recorded electronically in line with accounting requirements.
Handheld POS systems without printers, similar to iPad cash registers, are popular in pop-up stores, at concerts (here also for access control with NFC or barcode scanners) or in hotels.
Slim handheld solutions are, of course, also always in demand when an elegant look is important.

Solutions & Support

The following checklist of functions and features will help you choose the right POS system:

  • integrated receipt printer with paper width 56 mm or 80 mm
  • capacitive or resistive touch display
  • waterproof, wipeable housing
  • smartcard reader for user authentication
  • LAN module for network operation
  • Bluetooth interface for connection of mouse, printer, handheld scanner or similar
  • barcode scanner - integrated or separate
    RFID chip reader
  • Android or Windows operating system
  • sunlight readable, bright display
  • powerful multi-core processor for smooth working
    elegant, filigree optics
  • battery life (mobile cash registers)
  • charging station (mobile cash registers)
  • low weight (mobile cash registers)
  • robust, crash-proof construction (mobile cash registers)

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