With the right software, you can take full advantage of all the benefits of a POS system. Flexible, secure and robust hardware provides the basis for that. In this POS software guide you will learn what is important:

  • How to choose the perfect POS software for retail or gastronomy
  • How you can have your hardware conveniently configured

Sophisticated digital POS systems offer intuitive, time-saving operation.

More precisely, the systems differ in terms of industry-specific functions that make day-to-day business easier.

+++ Current information: Since 1 January 2020, only electronic POS systems with certified security equipment (TSE) are permitted. The TSE certification can also be obtained by POS systems whose software provides a cloud-based interface. Find out more in our guide to the POS System Act 2020. +++

POS Software Guide for the Retail Sector

Not all retail is the same, hence a good POS point-of-sale software should be flexible enough to adapt to different sales scenarios.

In boutiques, fewer, but higher-priced items cross the counter.

In discounters, many goods are sold at a relatively low unit price.

The POS software should therefore enable the connection of a barcode scanner for the quick entry of articles, even in large quantities.

Other important functions are

  • the controllability of an electrically operating cash drawer,,
  • interfaces for cashless payment and
  • voucher and discount management, e.g. for regular customers and sales promotions.

For branches, good POS software enables comprehensive and efficient product and inventory management.

Retailers who operate an online shop in addition to their retail shop can also manage cross-channel inventory with the right POS software.

Online orders and in-store sales can thus be recorded in a single system.

POS system Software Guide for the Catering Trade

POS software for the hospitality sector offers features specifically tailored to the industry.

These include:

  • A clear table management, such as a graphic table plan,
  • the recording of working hours of individual service staff,
  • discount functions, e.g. for happy hour,
  • a VAT mode with an off-site option,
  • receipt splitting,
  • receipt printing at the table and
  • optional POS system connection to online delivery services.

Good POS software for the catering industry should also allow connection to a monitor or receipt printer in the kitchen or at the counter.

This allows service staff to forward new food and beverage orders directly digitally, saving time and unnecessary travel.

For use in canteens, the POS software should also have a scale function.

What Characterises a Good POS System?

A good POS system enables the smooth connection of software and hardware. Modern digital POS systems offer simple, central system maintenance and software updates as well as software compatibility on tablets and smartphones.

On the hardware side, slim, multifunctional POS systems with integrated printers and robust, high-quality touch displays ensure clear and convenient work for stationary systems.

An example of a stationary POS system: The Wintec AnyPOS 200 series POS Terminal Android (DEU)

Optional secondary displays also facilitate interactions with customers.

For mobile use, powerful, compact and lightweight all-in-one handhelds are a good choice. They have integrated receipt printers, scanners and interfaces for cashless payments. An alternative are tablet POS systems and handhelds in combination with small, battery-operated printers that operators can clip onto their belts.

An example of a mobile all-in-one POS system: The SUNMI V2 Pro.

Mobile checkout systems can also be used at short notice as a supplementary POS system when there appears to be a large number of customers, as during Christmas sales.

Mobile systems also serve as a fully-fledged checkout solution in confined spaces such as pop-up stores, food trucks or kiosks.

Even in confined spaces such as pop-up stores, food trucks or kiosks, mobile systems serve as a fully-fledged checkout solution.

POS Systems at CONCEPT International

CONCEPT International offers a wide range of Android POS systems for the most diverse requirements in retail and gastronomy.

For the perfect combination of suitable POS software and hardware, CONCEPT can assist you with the roll-out of projects by means of the Total Preparation Service: Project-specific configuration and endurance testing enable the devices to be rolled out quickly, even in large quantities.

We are happy to support you with recommendations when it comes to selecting POS software providers!