Advertima AG from St. Gallen in Switzerland develops and distributes smart digital signage. The core is a software that can display advertising and information depending on the physical characteristics of the passers-by. The system analyses movements and body characteristics with the help of 3-D sensors. Retailers should be able to optimise the shopping experience of the identified target groups. The algorithm-based solution places high demands on computing power and graphics performance. The required hardware comes from CONCEPT International.

Physical User Data Control the Displayed Messages

It has long been normal for online retailers to divide users into groups on the basis of various characteristics and to tailor the offer accordingly. Advertima technology is designed to close the existing gap in digital business for physical retail locations. Here’s how the solution works:

  • General characteristics such as body size and walking direction, but also specific characteristics such as head posture and gaze direction are recorded three-dimensionally and in real time
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) decides which of the previously defined advertising and information content is to be displayed in each situation on the basis of the data collected.

Digital signage thus becomes more individual and more relevant to the target group, i.e. “smart”. Advertima promises “less visual noise”, i.e. less screen content that misses the customers’ interest. Possible areas of application are shopping centres, the digital out of home (DooH) sector and retail.

Smart Digital Signage Hardware from CONCEPT International

AI-supported digital signage applications require powerful CPUs and graphics chips. Advertima therefore uses digital signage players specially configured by us – very compact PCs with graphics modules in MXM format, which are also used in high-performance laptops in the gaming world – as the hardware basis.

“As the market leader for digital signage players, we usually provide cheaper players than our competitors, and we do so in large quantities. We know which chips are suitable for complex real-time analysis of sensor data. By working with Advertima, we’re working directly on the pulse of the rapidly evolving digital signage market, which continues to become increasingly sophisticated through AI.”

(Mike Finckh, Managing Director CONCEPT International)