Four 13m² LED walls in the baggage claim area of Terminal 1 inform waiting passengers. The challenges were many, yet CONCEPT International, in collaboration with Sharp/NEC, managed to successfully realize all four installations for Munich Airport.

To captivate and engage audiences in a large, well-lit space like Munich Airport’s Terminal 1, a prominent and vibrant presence is critical. By using Sharp/NEC’s state-of-the-art dvLED technology, the airport has impressive advertising spaces measuring approximately 5 meters by 3 meters, with content that is easily visible from any position despite the brightness in the almost fully glazed concourses. Even in direct light, the images impress with strong contrasts and brilliant colors.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at Munich Airport is designed to handle 25 million passengers a year. With the resurgence of travel after the pandemic, the number of passengers in the terminal is also increasing. The busy baggage claim area, where passengers wait for their luggage, provides an excellent advertising opportunity while minimizing perceived waiting times.

The Challenges

Installing and operating electronic equipment in a high-traffic public area requires careful planning, timely execution and a strong focus on public safety.

“Due to the high volume of passengers at Munich Airport, we carried out the installation of the walls above the baggage carousels outside of regular operating hours between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.,” explains Susanne Martini, Business Development Manager at Concept International and responsible for coordinating the project. “Since the baggage claim areas are in the security area, all parties involved had to pass security checks, and security badges and security keys had to be obtained. Storage space also had to be created in the security area. This required very precise and conscientious preparation by the airport’s project team and planning by all involved.”

The Solutions

To overcome the multiple challenges, the Sharp/NEC LED Solutions team and CONCEPT International worked closely together to design and implement a customized solution. The image area of the LED walls, measuring 4.8 by 2.7 meters wide, is composed of a total of 8 by 8 LED-FE025i2 display modules, with pixel pitches of 2.5 millimeters each. With an impressive brightness of 1,000 cd/m², the full HD images displayed on the video wall remain vivid and clear even in the well-lit environment of the baggage hall.

Design, Safety and Maintenance

Weighing approximately one ton, the LED surface is securely positioned by a steel structure reinforced with pendulum supports to prevent any wobbling. The entire display is back-clad in fire-retardant aluminum, powder-coated in matte white to meet stringent safety requirements. In addition, the LED housings are made of die-cast aluminum, which ensures efficient heat dissipation.

An important safety feature from Sharp/NEC is the SX [TC Master], a control and monitoring unit that uses sensors to monitor the LED modules. In addition, when servicing is required, the display controller and PC can be lowered 1.5 meters by means of an integrated lifting mechanism for inspection and maintenance purposes. The system is controlled via a remote control. All LED modules are accessible from the front and can be replaced individually. After replacement, the entire surface is recalibrated, ensuring an unchanged perfect visual experience for the viewer.

Power Off Circuit for the Emergency Case

By means of a protective circuit that de-energizes the entire LED wall in an emergency and is connected to the central emergency system, Sharp/NEC was one of the few manufacturers to fulfill a condition of Munich Airport’s strict fire protection regulations. The important thing here – and this is tested on a regular basis twice a year – is that all the electrical components involved survive this tough shutdown without any problems.

“LED walls at Munich Airport basically have to be configured in such a way that they can withstand power shutdowns and survive, for example, power failure, emergency power tests or nighttime shutdowns to save energy without damage,” Susanne Martini knows. “It should be possible to restore normal operating status within a maximum of 60 seconds after the supply voltage is restored. A requirement that our LED walls have consistently met.”

Intelligent Brightness Control and Seamless Viewing Experience

To ensure optimal viewing conditions while minimizing unnecessary power consumption, the intelligent SX [BrightnessControl] function developed by Sharp/NEC adjusts the brightness to the ambient light conditions. The precise alignment of the FE Series display modules creates a visually cohesive surface that gives the impression of a single homogeneous display.


Passengers at the airport can experience LED image quality at the highest level while waiting for their luggage. CONCEPT International will continue to support Munich Airport as a partner in the coming years and will oversee the maintenance of the LED walls. The additional source of revenue from advertising displays benefits the airport operator, while advertisers profit from the high-quality presentation of their brands. Centered above the baggage carousels, advertisers draw maximum eyeballs to a medium that impresses with consistent, borderless visual performance.

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Großformatige LED-Wände für den Flughafen München | Referenzbericht

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