High-quality Qbic TD-1050 Pro and Qbic TD-1070 display solutions made in Taiwan enable simple digital time and attendance tracking, room signage and smart room management

Munich, April 10, 2024 – Munich-based value-added distributor Concept International is offering two high-quality LCD multi-touch panel PCs with an NFC interface from its diverse range of display solutions for digital room signage and time tracking, the Qbic TD-1050 Pro and the TD-1070, which are ideal for legally compliant working time tracking. The devices are available immediately.

Following the decision of the Federal Labor Court in September 2022, employers are obliged to introduce a system that can be used to record all working hours worked by employees. In addition, the management of conference and office spaces has become increasingly complex due to trends such as remote working and flexible working models.

With the slim and robust Qbic TD-1050 Pro with HD multi-touchscreen and integrated NFC reader, companies can easily implement legally compliant time tracking. The 10.1-inch panel PC is also suitable for digital room signage and supports the smart booking and management of rooms and workstations – for modern work concepts.

The operating system is based on Android 10.1, with an ARM octa-core A53 processor providing performance. A high-quality 8MP autofocus camera and an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) microphone are also on board. In addition, the panel PC has a programmable LED display, which enables an individually selectable color status display for digital room signage. The integrated watchdog helps to quickly detect hardware or software malfunctions and automatically initiate a system reboot to ensure seamless operation. The Qbic TD-1050 Pro is available in three housing colors – black, white and silver – and can therefore be flexibly integrated into various room design concepts.

Qbic TD-1070: Elegant and robust premium device

The Qbic TD-1070 with integrated NFC/RFID reader impresses with its elegant yet robust design. The 10.1-inch panel PC is encased in a metal housing and a metallic frame construction in aerospace quality. The full HD multi-touch LCD display is protected by antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass and enables a high level of detail and clarity. The panel PC runs on Android 12 for stable performance and high speed: Like the Qbic TD-1050 Pro, the Qbic TD-1070 also has an up-to-date and secure Android operating system, USB ports and network connectivity for convenient real-time content updates as well as an integrated watchdog, which automatically restarts the system in the event of a problem.

A particular highlight of the Qbic TD-1070 is the built-in AI-capable ARM quad-core Cortex-A55 processor, whose Neural Processing Unit (NPU) equips the panel PC with a fast person recognition function, for example. As of this month, the Qbic TD-1070 NFC interface is also compatible with Apple Wallet for even more flexibility.

Enterprise-level Android software stack and diverse software ecosystem

The Taiwanese manufacturer Qbic is known for its extremely secure enterprise-level Android software stack. A comprehensive package of self-developed security functions protects the system, data and access. The provision of timely Android operating system versions with seamless security patch updates is a matter of course.

For effortless implementation of efficient room management and time and attendance methods, companies using Qbic hardware also gain access to an ecosystem of software partners such as Zeitwart, Tisoware and others who offer specially developed software for room and workplace signage, booking, management and time and attendance.

“With our range of innovative display technologies from Taiwanese manufacturer Qbic, we offer comprehensive solutions to support smart time tracking, efficient room management and flexible desk-sharing concepts,” says Michael Eder, Senior Sales Manager at Concept International. “Our service includes a 2-year warranty, optionally extendable to 5 years. On request, we can also take over the roll-out of projects as part of our Total Preparation Service and offer project-specific configurations and an endurance test of the PCs. All Zeitwart features can also be tested immediately – with a free demo license for the first display.”

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