Munich, January 12, 2024 – At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), from January 30 to February 2, 2024, Concept International, the leading value-added distributor in the European digital signage market, will be showcasing Giada’s new AE613 industrial PC for the first time. The new large-format LED walls from FutureLED’s “Rubin” series will also celebrate their premiere in Barcelona. Kiosk manufacturers will also get their money’s worth at the Munich-based company’s stand 6H660: Concept can present them with a complete family of different mainboards in mini-ITX and 3.5″ format. The ePaper screens for room, resource and workplace management from Qbic represent a completely new product line – plastic signs are a thing of the past! In addition to all these new products, the usual high-performance range of digital signage computers with innovative technology updates can be experienced at stand 6H660 in hall 6.

An Intel Core-i heart of the 13th generation Raptor Lake beats in the Giada AE613 industrial PC. The AE613 is by no means squeamish when it comes to temperature fluctuations: Ranges from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees recommend the IPC for outdoor steles or kiosk machines, for example. A SIM card slot allows users to install an LTE card internally. The optional Intel vPro technology also ensures greater security and enables remote control at BIOS level. This is a particular advantage for hard-to-reach or built-in players. The PC can independently start analyses, identify errors and report them.

“In addition to the application scenario, the price-performance ratio is the main deciding factor when buying!”

The AE613 also excels graphically: even with the i3 configuration, the proven Intel UHD graphics are impressive when displaying high-resolution video installations. Digital signage customers can look forward to a simultaneous flicker-free refresh rate of 60 Hz. With the i5 or i7 configuration of the AE613, the graphics work is handled by the newer Intel Iris Xe GPU, which supports 4K content on three displays simultaneously. “Stability, availability, a good price and 24/7 endurance are important for most customers,” explains Mike Finckh, Managing Director of Concept. Genes that Giada has been providing for years, for example with RTC (Real-Time Clock), which allows the system to start up and shut down according to a schedule, or the “watchdog”, which automatically restarts the system after an error. “In addition to the application scenario, the very good price-performance ratio is the main deciding factor when buying,” emphasizes Mike Finckh.

LED walls with RGBG technology from FutureLED even for sophisticated home cinema

At the leading digital signage trade fair at the end of January, Concept will be presenting the new LED walls from the Rubin series of its own FutureLED brand. The panels even appeal to discerning home cinema fans – at an unbeatable price. The displays are only half the price of a comparable LED wall. In addition, the latest “flip-chip common cathode” technology significantly reduces power consumption and therefore heat generation. Energy savings of up to 40 percent are realistic. This is made possible by two technologies that are well-known and reliable, but still not widely used:

  • “Flip Chip”, in which the diodes are supplied with power directly from below. The previously necessary and visually restrictive wire connection on the top is therefore superfluous.
  • Simply put, “common cathode” reverses the direction of the current: The individual RGB diodes no longer receive power from a single source at the end of the circuit; instead, they are at the beginning of the power supply, each channel has its own regulated access to the current and is only then earthed. This reduces stray losses and enables considerable energy savings.

One for simply all

The Rubin series is also intended to appeal to a particularly wide audience: from system integrators and store fitters to home cinema fans. The fire protection certificate according to class B-s1, d0 is particularly noteworthy. This makes it suitable for use in airports, educational establishments and other public buildings, for example. Ordering and installing a new LED wall – previously a laborious process – “should become as easy as buying a television”, says Mike Finckh. On top of this, Concept offers a three to five-year guarantee, service with batch-compliant LED modules, good advice, self-explanatory documentation and matching wall brackets.

In addition, there are seven different LED series for a wide range of requirements: from outdoor models to 16:9 and 1:1 formats, high-brightness versions and rental versions for the rental business. What all series have in common is the particularly quick and uncomplicated set-up with wireless snap-in panels. “Impressive are the bendable Flex tiles for free-form shapes and the especially “green” Eco series, the thinnest LED tile at 28 mm,” says Finckh.

RGBG eliminates shadow areas and reduces manufacturing costs

Conventional LED panels are always based on a square pixel, otherwise there would be distortions. However, there are only three color channels: Red, green, blue (RGB). No matter how the diodes are installed, there are always shadow areas, which means lost areas for the image structure.

In the Rubin series, however, four channels are installed in a particularly cost-efficient way: RGBG – the basic color green, which is particularly inexpensive to produce, is simply available twice. This “double channel” only shines half as brightly, so the overall composition fits again – and the annoying and expensive shadow areas are a thing of the past. Problem solved, production costs reduced. The side effect: high brilliance, excellent energy balance and important for cineastes: visibly better contrasts and the blackest black.

Qbic – always legible with electronic ink, long-lasting, powerless installation

For every company that has desks or rooms: Digital signs with three colors and programmable buttons provide information about occupancy and can be integrated into planning and resource management systems. For example, to initiate room cleaning after a meeting or to enable precise digital time recording in the company. The high-quality screens range from a small 3.5 inches to a generous 10.1 inches, are characterized by the feedback channel to administration management, low energy consumption, good readability in all lighting conditions and a wireless, robust design.

ISE will take place from January 30 to February 2, 2024 in Barcelona. Concept International will be exhibiting in Hall 6, Stand 6H660.

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