Smooth displays for up to twelve presentations simultaneously. USB-C technology for power and data from one interface. Particularly suitable for schools, educational institutions or conference rooms.

Munich, April 17, 2024 – The third version of the AirServer Connect is now available from value-added distributor Concept International. Version 3 allows up to twelve simultaneous presentations and, with 2.5 Gbit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6E, ensures stable performance, faster content transfer and simply more power. This is a decisive advantage, especially in educational institutions or schools, when several presentations need to run smoothly at the same time. In addition, the AirServer Connect 3 can display up to three monitors in 4K and disappears easily and space-savingly behind whiteboards thanks to its practical magnetic attachment. Power supply units are a thing of the past with the AirServer Connect 3: an all-in-one USB-C connection takes care of the power supply, transfers data, saves cables and protects the environment.

The AirServer Connect is a success story at Concept. The screen mirroring receiver makes it possible to stream content from different Wi-Fi sources to a display or whiteboard – regardless of the device or operating system. Whether laptop, tablet, smartphone or MacBook. The AirServer understands AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast and can therefore be used independently and flexibly. It is also possible to combine different systems or devices at the same time.

Just one cable for power and data

The first thing that stands out about the AirServer Connect 3 is what has remained the same compared to its predecessor: the design, which won the Red Dot Award in 2023, is modern, simple and timeless and blends in well with existing hardware thanks to its handy size (78 x 78 x 34 mm). But the Connect 3 doesn’t just impress with its looks.

With USB-C technology, the screen mirroring receiver does away with the need for a separate power supply unit, avoiding unnecessary cable clutter and contributing to sustainability. In addition to the power supply, the two USB-C interfaces also combine display connections, network cables and a connection for cameras or other devices in a standardized interface. The only prerequisite for this is that the displays have a USB-C interface with 65 watts, as is common with most modern whiteboards.

The USB-C connections also support the Display Port. This means that, in combination with the HDMI connection, up to three screens can be used simultaneously with 4K content in flicker-free 60 Hz.

A magnetic holder ensures quick and easy attachment of the device to whiteboards, as these usually have a metal back panel.

The AirServer Connect 3 is also available as an OPS/SDM slide-in model. A practical alternative where the device disappears into the display or whiteboard to save space and prevent theft.

32 guests and twelve presenters with full control for the teacher

Ethernet LAN with 2.5 Gbit and Wi-Fi 6E ensure stable and fast data transmission. The E stands for an extended or additional frequency band, which ensures better and more stable streaming connections, especially in the education sector with many access points. This is particularly important when many presentations are running. A RAM of 8 GB and a more powerful Intel N100 CPU from the “Alder Lake” series also ensure better performance than the previous model.

The maximum number of guest users in the WLAN of 32 is designed especially for a large group of participants, e.g. in classrooms. They can use the Internet via a separate access point on the router, but the home network remains private and protected from unauthorized access. The teacher or lecturer also saves having to set up an additional Internet access point. This ensures that the Wi-Fi signal can also be received easily and without interference in remote rooms – similar to a repeater, only with an Ethernet cable connection to the router and therefore better connectivity. Whereas a separate device was previously required for this, the AirServer Connect 3 now takes over.

Another interesting feature for teachers: with the integrated moderation function, they always have control over who can share their screen and when. They have everything under control despite the large number of users.

Supports “Bring Your Own Meeting” (BYOM)

The AirServer Connect 3 also supports BYOM. This is a meeting room solution that allows individual participants to control the technology in the room with their own devices – cameras, microphones and speakers as well as connected video conferencing elements.

Price and availability

The AirServer Connect 3 is available immediately from Concept International at a list price of 799 euros. There are also attractive conditions for resellers and system houses. Concept International supports schools and system integrators with expertise in all aspects of tenders and funding applications.

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