• Securely and quickly take orders, scan items, create invoices and print to Bluetooth printers.
  • Fast and accurate 1D/2D barcode scanners (up to 1 metre)
  • Versatile connectivity with 2G/3G/4G, WLAN, Bluetooth 5.0 LE and RFID/NFC reader, e.g. for Google Pay
  • Display with adaptive brightness, drop-resistant up to 1.5 m, waterproof

Munich, 24.08.2023 – The new mobile Android terminal L2s Pro from Sunmi, for use in the catering industry, looks like an outdoor smartphone, but can do much more. For example, service staff can use it to take orders, process contactless payments with Google Pay or transmit a print command to print out bills for guests. Especially in outdoor use, the robust successor model of the L2s impresses with its diverse, stable connectivity. The mobile computer offers a wide range of communication options such as 2G/3G/4G, WLAN, Bluetooth 5.0 LE and an optional NFC/RFID reader. The Sunmi L2s Pro is fully IP68 dust and water resistant and features a 5.5″ HD+ multi-touch display with shock and scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Powerful hardware includes a Cortex-A53 octa-core processor, a fast-charging 5,000 mAh battery and an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner. This reads even scratched, dirty and crumpled barcodes. The smart order terminal is available immediately from the Munich-based VAD Concept International.

The Sunmi L2s Pro offers reliable performance at a low price. The system can be connected to 4G networks via one, optionally two integrated SIM card slots. This means that service staff can also take orders outside of a Wi-Fi network. In difficult reception situations, for example in border regions, the system simply switches to the second network and work continues seamlessly. Peripheral devices such as a mobile printer or a mobile EC card reader can also be connected via a Bluetooth 5.0 port. An NFC reader also enables secure, contactless payment via Google Pay and customer cards or serves as a “waiter key” for identification.

Integrated barcode scanner units

With a weight of 250 grams and the valuable workmanship, the Sunmi L2s Pro is a real palm flatterer. The ergonomic, Red Dot award-winning design in an attractive smartphone look enables comfortable handling including easy scanner operation with just one hand thanks to dedicated scanner buttons on the right and left. The integrated Zebra® scanner reads even scratched, crumpled or dirty barcodes from a distance of up to 1 metre. For documenting defective transport goods, reading QR codes from bonus vouchers and occasional barcode scanning, there is also a rear-facing, LED-lit 13 megapixel camera.

Android 12 based operating system

The L2s Pro runs Sunmi’s own Android 12-based operating system. The dimensions of 154.4 x 74.6 x 17.1 mm correspond to those of a larger smartphone. The brilliant 5.5-inch HD display with capacitive multi-touch and a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels enables comfortable operation via finger input. The responsive Android 12 user interface responds instantaneously to every tap, swipe and scroll for an optimal user experience…

Adaptive display brightness

An integrated light sensor independently determines the brightness of the display and automatically adjusts it to the ambient light conditions. This means that the display automatically becomes brighter in strong sunlight, while the brightness is reduced in the evening to protect the eyes. Strongly fluctuating lighting conditions in indoor and outdoor catering are immediately picked up, the technology saves energy and extends the runtime.

Drop-proof, dust-proof and water-proof

The L2s Pro is drop-proof from a height of up to 1.5 metres and, thanks to its robust design, impresses with stable operation even in turbulent everyday catering. The housing is certified to IP68 and is both dustproof and waterproof.

With an operating temperature of -20 to +55 degrees Celsius, the order terminal can also be used in extreme temperatures, so it works just as reliably at outdoor festivals as at winter sports events or in cold storage. At low outdoor temperatures, the sensitivity of the touch display can be increased so that it can also be operated with gloves. Cold fingers when taking an order should thus be a thing of the past.

Replaceable battery

Equipped with a powerful Cortex-A53 octa-core processor, the Sunmi L2s Pro clocks at 4 x 2.0 GHz plus 4 x 1.5 GHz. In terms of storage space, up to 64 GB ROM and up to 4 GB RAM are available. The 5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery lasts for about two days on a single charge, even in high use. Empty batteries can be replaced with a charged one from the quad charging station. Alternatively, there is also the standard charging cradle for the device, in which a second battery can be charged.

Availability and service for resellers

The Sunmi L2s Pro is available immediately from Concept International. The recommended retail price starts at 470 euros net. System integrators and end customers also benefit from the “Sunmi Cloud” management tool, which allows software updates and new applications to be installed even while the system is in operation. The management and maintenance of the systems can thus be easily implemented and achieve optimal customer support.

For further information and product data sheets, please visit: https://www.concept.biz/en/p/sunmi-l2s-pro