Munich, 15.04.2024 – A new firmware eliminates the discomfort with geolocation in the Sunmi S2 checkout system for food retailers, weekly markets and sales directly from the field. The calibration office identified a need for optimization a good year ago. With the update via value-added distributor Concept International, the S2 is now entering the market as a high-performance checkout without compromising on quality, with integrated, certified scales, a built-in receipt printer and extensive software features at half the price of comparable systems.

Geolocation is important to ensure that 100 g of cold cuts in Kiel are measured just as accurately at sea level as 100 g of Edam cheese in the Alps. Scales must work precisely, 100 g must be displayed as 100 g everywhere, no more and no less. Each scale is adjusted by the manufacturer according to its place of use, sealed and only then delivered. In Germany, this is checked every two years by the Weights and Measures Office.

Geolocation: fixed or flexible?

2021: Launch of the Sunmi S2, the first Android POS system with scales, remote maintenance and an extensive app store for a wide range of industries on the market. Expectations were huge, as retailers and resellers could put two complete systems on their counters for the usual price of a high-performance checkout with scales from Sunmi. The problem: the geolocation could be changed on the software side. Basically not a bad idea and helpful if a checkout is used in Kiel and later perhaps in Munich. However, the calibration office rejected this setting option as not compliant with the regulations and, since the end of 2022, has refused to carry out the legally required calibration for weighbridge cash register systems every two years, not entirely without justification.

This gave many resellers and end customers a stomach ache. After a good year of back and forth with the calibration office, the problems have now been resolved and all the unease has disappeared: With the new firmware, it is no longer possible to change the geolocation via the software. Since March 2024, only the Weights and Measures Office has been able to carry out and certify the precise location setting using sealed hardware. Stick a sticker on it and you’re done.

Lasting values

In addition to the delivery capability of Value Added Distributor Concept International, there are two important pieces of good news for all owners and resellers who could not resist the Sunmi S2 two years ago: Cash registers are designed for long life cycles, so they age slowly. The S2 is therefore still an innovative device at the beginning of its product life. And above all: the update also makes existing and already sold POS systems future-proof and legally compliant. The update has been verified since January and can now be installed. Steffen Schwenk, Business Development Management for POS systems at value-added distributor Concept International, has noticed that the market seems to be appreciating this: “It’s going like hot cakes! Orders shot up as soon as the update was announced. Resellers have really been waiting to finally be able to offer the Sunmi POS system with scales without any hiccups.”

Where to buy and prices for the Sunmi S2

The Sunmi S2 remote maintenance Android POS system with integrated scales is available from Concept International at a recommended retail price of 1,500 euros.

System integrators benefit from the “Sunmi Cloud” management tool, which can be used to install software updates and new applications over-the-air in the devices in operation. This makes it easy to manage, update and remotely maintain the POS systems, ensuring high availability.

Resellers and software manufacturers receive special conditions and assistance with delivery, guarantees and ready-to-use installations, even in large quantities. Concept has a stock in Germany and assembles at its headquarters in Munich, which enables fast response times if required.

Further product information on Concept’s Sunmi S2 POS system can be found here >>

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