Concept International Wants to Contribute to a Better World

Currently, we donate to three organizations:

  1. Emergency Aid Afghanistan
  2. Doctors without Borders
  3. German Children’s Cancer Aid

Emergency Aid Afghanistan

Recently, the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Since then, the humanitarian situation for the people there has deteriorated dramatically. Hunger and poverty, violence and insecurity determine the everyday life of the population. 24.4 million people urgently need humanitarian aid – 13 million of them are children.

Food prices have risen so sharply that many families can barely afford to eat. In their distress, some parents decide to sell one of their children so that their other children can survive. Many people are also fleeing within the country, living in tents or other makeshift shelters. They are often defenseless against the cold temperatures of the Afghan winter.

Doctors without Borders

German Children’s Cancer Aid