As digitalization advances, companies are developing new, creative ideas not only for their sales strategy, but also for internal global communication and collaboration. A German premium fashion manufacturer is showing how modern LED video walls can now be used as innovative digital signage solutions for multimedia and hybrid work and event environments in the main administration building in Metzingen.

The global fashion and lifestyle company transformed a former underground courtyard at its Metzingen headquarters at the foot of the Swabian Alb into its own event space. The new event area will be used for internal face-to-face events, product presentations and expert talks, where participants can be connected and events can be streamed live at other company locations worldwide. The spectator stand of the approximately 450 square meter event area, called the “Arena” within the company, offers up to 200 seats, which offer a view of a presentation area and an LED video wall mounted at a height of 4.5 meters.

Flood of light: Visually beautiful, technically a challenge

Since the purist architecture made of glass and exposed concrete offers excellent lighting conditions in the event area thanks to a generous, floor-to-ceiling window front and a glazed gallery, an LED wall was the technology of choice. This is because it can reproduce images and videos very clearly even in very bright environments or under direct light. At the same time, the installed LED wall has light sensors that can dim the provided brightness of up to 600 cd/m² if necessary. This means that viewers are not blinded, even when the ambient light is low. In addition, energy can be saved in the interests of sustainability.

Demanding customer specifications

A 270-inch LED wall from the manufacturer FutureLED is used in a 16:9 format with a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm and 4K mode for brilliant, razor-sharp images. The LED wall also enables an extremely wide viewing angle. This means that images and videos can be seen from every seat in the spectator stand with high color fidelity and no color distortions. This is particularly important for the fashion manufacturer when presenting new products or broadcasting live fashion shows.

“The large-format 6.08 by 3.42 meter LED screen is made up of 100 (10×10) display modules. The chip-on-board (COB) technology used offers a high degree of robustness for the panels because – in contrast to SMD technology – the LEDs are completely cast into a substrate,” explains Susanne Martini, display expert and business development manager at the Munich-based value added distributor Concept International, which was responsible for supplying the LED technology. “Thanks to COB, the display modules are significantly more mechanically stable and have a continuous front surface, just like LCD displays. They can be installed seamlessly without gaps or frames and images and videos appear as if they were made from a single piece, even on very large surfaces. At the same time, the modules are splash-proof, wipeable and mechanically insensitive.”

Another important factor in this project was the integration of the LED video wall into the design concept of the event space. The screen was inserted into high-quality wooden wall cladding made of acoustic panels and should fit perfectly with the groove spacing and be flat in terms of installation depth. Since LED video walls usually require an installation depth of less than 10 cm for installation, this could be achieved as desired with appropriate fine adjustment by the installation team.

Collaboration like clockwork

“The conception and technical planning phase of the entire project took around six months to three quarters of a year,” explains Rolf de Boer, managing director of the system integrator MPM Medientechnik GmbH, an expert in the development and conception of complex communication solutions. In addition to the LED video wall, MPM also integrated the image, sound and control technology for the “Arena”. At large events that are streamed live, MPM Medientechnik GmbH also supports the fashion manufacturer with camera technology and appropriate specialist personnel.

“The implementation of the project then had to happen very quickly,” continued de Boer. “The installation of all technology was completed within two and a half weeks in June 2022. The installation of the LED video wall took around a week due to the fine adjustment during integration into the existing design architecture. This means that standardized events can now be implemented at company headquarters with little effort, right up to professional events with professional staff. However, this efficient implementation would not have worked without the perfect cooperation between the trades and the fast delivery of our distribution partner Concept International.”

“In recent years, the price has always been the focus when deciding on LED technology,” continues de Boer. “In the last two or three years, delivery capability has become an additional factor. In addition to the high quality of the LED wall from FutureLED, the short-term delivery capability was also a reason for the decision. Concept International was able to deliver within four weeks. The truck arrived on time as planned, all parts were there, and the team was highly committed to fully meeting the project requirements and customer wishes. That’s how you imagine partnerships.”

“Concept International adapts to the system integrator’s level of competence and offers various service packages to cover all the necessary components for a complete solution if required,” says Martini. “From advice on and selection of the appropriate pixel sizes, size and shape of the LED wall with regard to local conditions, support with the necessary and sensible peripheral technology to the arrangement of local service partners if necessary, for example for static calculations or installation. In the case of the system integrator MPM, a high level of technical expertise was already available. In this case, we provide support by storing and providing replacement modules from the same production batch, so that a module can be replaced seamlessly and promptly should it ever be necessary.”

Blueprint for hybrid collaboration on a global scale

Today, LED technology offers a wide range of applications and, thanks to its technical and optical advantages such as robustness, high luminosity and color intensity, not only enables fields of application as digital signage solutions in retail shop windows or large display panels in public spaces. It also enables innovative applications for the global, hybrid working world.

LED-Technologie für hybride Veranstaltungsumgebung bei deutschem Premium-Modehersteller

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