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GIADA's high-quality motherboards provide a robust and reliable foundation for industrial computer systems that can withstand the rigors of harsh environments. From factory automation to transportation logistics, the solutions are designed to ensure long-term performance and adaptability.

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Advantages of motherboards:

Industrial motherboards, also called mainboards, offer a variety of benefits that make them the ideal choice for demanding applications in various industries. Those are among others:
  1. Robustness and reliability: industrial motherboards are designed for use in harsh environments and offer a high level of robustness against vibrations, shocks, temperature fluctuations and moisture. This ensures reliable performance even under extreme conditions.
  2. Long-term availability: Unlike consumer motherboards, which often become obsolete quickly, industrial motherboards offer long-term availability and support. This is critical for applications that need to operate continuously for years.
  3. Advanced features and customization options: Industrial mainboards typically offer a variety of ports, expansion slots and features that allow them to be customized to meet the specific needs of an application. This includes support for various I/O interfaces, RAID configurations and special communication protocols.
  4. Temperature tolerance: The devices are capable of operating in a wide temperature range, making them ideal for applications in extreme environments such as the oil and gas industry, transportation or manufacturing.
  5. Long-term lifecycle management: Manufacturers often offer long-term lifecycle management, including long-term product availability and firmware updates.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: Although industrial motherboards may seem a little more expensive initially, they offer better overall value in the long run due to their reliability, long-term availability and customizability, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.
Overall, the hardware provides a solid foundation for robust and reliable computer systems that can meet the specific requirements of industrial applications.

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