Digital Signage Hardware

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Digital signage has established itself. With flexible, playable digital displays at the point of sale (POS) or point of information (POI), companies today design the brand experience and corresponding services. CONCEPT International assembles and configures the right digital signage hardware for every need - from signage players for basic content to the complex control of entire video walls. The ultimate solution is a signage display that plays the appropriate advertising clip depending on the time spent, behaviour, age and gender of passers-by. Interactive designs with a touchscreen are also possible. You don't know yet what is suitable for you? Please feel free to contact us!

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Signage Hardware that Keeps its Promise

Digital signage is the perfect way to reach different user groups via digitally networked displays with the right content and control. You can play out any kind of visual information via interfaces to databases: No matter whether product advertising, news, weather information, wikis or social media content, there are no limits to the messages. Digital signage hardware is useful wherever people frequently spend time: As an inducement to buy or as a signpost - you define the locations and content, we provide the technical basis!

Our Solutions and Support

A complete digital signage system consists of various components. We help you to successfully put the network of content servers, players and screens into operation. To do this, we configure the signage player specifically for your project by installing the operating system and the desired software and by testing its operation. Please take a look at our Total Preparation Service.

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