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Door Signs by QBIC

In the era of New Work and agile working concepts, door signs from QBIC are not just innovative technological solutions, but indispensable tools in space management. These models help to increase efficiency, optimize the working environment and maximize the use of resources – key aspects for the success of modern companies.

Door Signs by QBIC?

The digital transformation has not only revolutionized everyday working life, but also the way we organize and manage spaces. In this context, door signs, also known as digital door signs or room signage, are becoming increasingly important. QBIC, as a pioneer in innovative technology solutions, presents an impressive range of door signs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enable effective space management and optimized use of resources.

Which door signs are suitable?

QBIC's door signs offer a diverse selection to meet the different requirements of modern working environments. Here are some outstanding models:
  1. Qbic TD-1060 Slim: Light, slim and durable – perfect for space-saving digital room signage
  2. Qbic TD-1070: Elegant, robust & durable – an eye-catcher among digital door signs
  3. Qbic TD-1050 Pro: 10" multi-touch panel PC with 8MP autofocus camera & NFC reader for smart room signage
  4. Qbic TD-0350: Round panel PC for efficient workstation reservation
  5. Qbic EP-0700: Sustainable, digital room management solution with low-energy display
  6. Qbic EP-0400: The affordable top seller among Qbic's ePaper displays for digital signage, booking and management of rooms & workstations

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