Handy all-round mini PC with the latest generation of Intel processors and a wide range of interfaces as well as an alert system for greater security

Munich, March 7, 2024 – The new Giada BQ612 is one of the all-rounders in the portfolio of Munich-based value-added distributor Concept International. Whether in industry, for analytics or as a handy desktop computer – with a socketed and therefore replaceable CPU, which is available up to the Core i9 variant of the 13th generation of Intel processors, two LAN ports and nine USB ports distributed across the front and rear, the device is flexible and equipped for almost any area of application. In addition, an exclusive warning system ensures that the PC is not opened without authorization. The all-rounder is available now.

Multi-talented is not an exaggeration, as the BQ612 combines everything that a computer of this size and class can offer – thanks to its robust metal housing in a handy mini PC format (200 x 185 x 35.5 mm).

High-performance CPU for more power

A socketed, i.e. individually adaptable and replaceable CPU is standard on the BQ612. It is possible to fit up to the 13th generation i9 version from Intel. However, a 12th generation i5 can also be installed: a CPU with the best price/performance ratio. The working memory is up to 64 GB RAM distributed over two SO-DIMM slots for DDR4-3200 MHz.

The BQ612 comes with both HDMI and a display port connection. The mini PC can output 4K via HDMI. The display port even boasts an 8K resolution. All in flicker-free 60 Hz.

Endless interfaces: nine USB ports, two LAN ports and a SIM slot

With two LAN connections (RJ45), the PC can be used as an edge device, for example as a network bridge or for secure, network-separated machine control in the industrial sector.

The mini PC also has a practical SIM card slot, which makes it independent of LAN or WLAN networks by allowing an LTE card to be used. There are also a total of nine USB ports (six USB2.0, two USB3.2 Gen2 and one USB TypeC3.2 Gen2), which are distributed across the front and rear.

The operating system is either Windows 10/11 or Linux Ubuntu.

Warning system for greater safety

A special feature of the BQ612 is the warning message when the computer cover is opened. There is no alarm or other disturbing noise, but the computer records this in the BIOS and warns the user about the process the next time it is started or reports the process to a network management system. This ensures that the cover has not been removed without authorization. This increases security enormously and is not built into any other PC in this series.

Giada’s JAHC technology ensures 24/7 availability – a hardware component that also includes the so-called watchdog. This ensures an automatic reboot of the system if there is a problem with the software and, with RTC (Real-Time Clock), also enables the PC to be started up and shut down at fixed times of day and night.

Possible applications without limits

With this configuration, the possible applications of the BQ612 are as flexible as they are diverse: the mini PC works in digital signage installations in stores or at the point of sale, in sophisticated analytics systems with a large amount of data to be evaluated, as an industrial PC on machines, in industrial signage installations with complex visualizations or simply as a practical and space-saving high-performance office PC.

Because the interfaces are cleverly positioned at the front and rear of the housing, the BQ612 is also suitable for use in hard-to-reach places, such as in a column or installed behind screens.

Service from Concept for more convenience

The new Giada BQ612 PC is now available from Concept International at a list price of 250 euros (unassembled). Attractive conditions and SLAs are available for resellers, digital signage and AV system integrators. Standard service at Concept is a two-year warranty (optionally five years) and the Total Preparation Service. The Munich-based distributor supports the roll-out of projects on request and offers project-specific configurations as well as an endurance test of the device, even in large quantities. Thanks to the stock in Germany, a replacement device is quickly available on site if required and the customer does not have to worry about anything else. Plug & Play is the motto.

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