Space-saving motherboards like the Giada mainboards fit into steles, behind displays or in kiosk systems and also offer power for computing-intensive applications thanks to flexible assembly

Munich, April 30, 2024 – Following the expansion of its industrial sector, Concept International is now also expanding into digital signage. New additions to the portfolio are mainboards, also known as motherboards, from the manufacturer Giada. These space-saving alternatives to a player with a housing score points above all with their even slimmer design and flexibility in terms of equipment and area of application. They deliver maximum performance in the smallest of spaces, especially when installed in kiosk systems, order terminals or steles. Two of the new mainboards deserve special attention: the IB5-8131 in mini-ITX format, which can be equipped with Intel Core i processors of the 12th to 14th generation, and the IB3-771 with Android 12 in 160 x 108 mm format, which can operate up to four displays, has a Neural Process Unit (NPU) as standard and therefore also supports AI and deep learning applications. The mainboards are now available from Concept International.

The advantage of motherboards over a fully configured and finished PC is obvious: the devices are much smaller than the already slim booksize formats and offer great flexibility in terms of possible applications thanks to the possibility of individual assembly.

Concept International has various Giada motherboards in its range – for different operating systems and with different form factors. These include the following devices as examples:

Maximum power: The IB5-8131

The clear winner in the performance comparison is the IB5-8131 motherboard from Giada. Thanks to the LGA1700 processor socket, CPUs of the 12th to 14th generation of the Intel Core i variant can be installed, each in the i3, i5, i7 or i9 version – the latter with 24 cores. The board successfully implements this power in complex kiosk systems with many interfaces, face or voice recognition, for example.

With a DisplayPort and HDMI connection, the motherboard plays two displays simultaneously, even in razor-sharp 8K with the DisplayPort. Alternatively, it is also available with a VGA port. There are also 4 USB ports (2 USB3.2 Gen2 and 2 USB2.0) and 2 LAN ports, as well as an additional internal HDMI port and four additional USB ports (2 USB3.2 Gen1 and 2 USB2.0). This provides sufficient interfaces, especially at order terminals where several card readers, two displays and printers need to be connected. There is also an internal digital connection (GPI/O) – with four inputs and outputs each and a dual-channel LVDS port.

With its Mini-ITX format – it measures just 170 x 170 mm – the IB5-8131 fits space-savingly into steles or in custom designs for smaller kiosk systems as well as in standard housings for Mini-ITX mainboards.

Windows 10/11 and Linux are supported as operating systems.

Ideal for AI applications: The IB3-771

The second hot iron from the Giada forge is the even smaller IB3-771 in 160 x 108 mm format. But smaller does not necessarily mean less power, quite the opposite: equipped with a quad-core RK3588 processor and Android 12, it fulfills all common tasks from the world of signage and control. The CPU also has a Neural Process Unit (NPU) as standard. The board is therefore prepared for AI applications and, thanks to an HDMI-in port, also for video stream recognition algorithms. This makes it possible to integrate facial recognition software or machine error detection software, for example.

The interfaces are also diverse here: 2 HDMI ports (one 8K, one 4K resolution), 4 USB3.2 Gen1 ports (external), 6 USB2.0 ports (internal), 2 LAN ports. There is also an onboard eDP and LVDS port for two additional displays. The board also has a fan and is therefore ideally suited for continuous 24/7 use.

Price and availability of the Giada mainboards

The Giada mainboards are now available from Concept International. The IB5-8131 is available for a list price of 200 euros and the IB3-771 from 300 euros. There are attractive conditions for resellers or system integrators. On request, Concept International can support the roll-out of projects with the Total Preparation Service: the devices are delivered configured and permanently tested for specific projects, even in large quantities. They can be used plug-and-play on site. Concept has a stock in Germany and assembles at its headquarters in Munich, which enables fast response times if required. And a five-year guarantee rounds off the overall package.

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