Powerful, silent, dust-resistant +++ For museums and hard-to-reach digital signage installations

Munich, 16.11.2023 – Munich-based value-added distributor Concept International has a new strong horse in its stable with the DF612 from Giada. Equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core processor and integrated Iris Xe graphics unit, the player plays up to three displays with up to 8K resolution. A version with vPro technology in the i5 and i7 versions of the CPU is available on request. This not only offers improved security technology, but is also equipped with a remote maintenance function at BIOS level: practical for permanently installed or hard-to-reach players. Thanks to its fanless design, the dust-resistant DF612 operates silently – a great advantage for museums or other noise-sensitive environments.

An Intel processor of the current i-Core variant i3, i5 or i7 (“Alder Lake”) provides more than sufficient power. These achieve the performance of the next higher variant of the previous generation. The current i3 variant can therefore be compared with an i5 processor from the predecessor. High performance at low cost is therefore guaranteed. Especially when increased demands are placed on the player, e.g. by analysing motion sensors, cameras or other sensor data. The increase in performance compared to the predecessor with the same power consumption is noticeable here.

The vPro technology, which is available at the customer’s request, also has even better performance, offers increased system security against cyberattacks by shielding the BIOS from external attacks and also has a remote maintenance function at BIOS level – i.e. the operating system does not even have to be running for this. This is particularly advantageous when the player is used in locations where human maintenance is difficult or impossible, for example because it is permanently installed or located at great heights, as is the case with airport terminals. The PC can still start analyses, identify errors and report them independently.

Graphically, the player comes with Iris Xe graphics for the i5 and i7 variants and Intel UHD graphics for i3 and is therefore able to play an 8K display via the DP1.4 port and 4K displays via the two HDMI ports, each at a flicker-free 60 Hz. If three monitors are running simultaneously, this is possible for all of them in 4K. For example, museums with large-format and ultra-high-resolution displays benefit from this. And thanks to the slim booksize format of 200 x 150 x 40 mm, the DF612 can be perfectly integrated into digital signage installations of all kinds.

In addition to the connections for three monitors, there are four USB3.2 Gen2, two USB2.0, one USB Type-C3.2 Gen2 as well as two COM ports and an RS232 interface. There is also an audio input and output for the microphone. LAN, WLAN and two Ethernet connections are integrated. A 4G/LTE module slot and SIM card slot are also on board. This means that the device can also access cloud content via mobile communications if it is no longer accessible via LAN.

Up to 64 GB of RAM is used, which is distributed across two slots (dual-channel access). The memory can be expanded with an SSD hard drive of any size via an m.2 interface.

Giada’s JAHC technology ensures 24/7 availability. This hardware component integrated in the BIOS automatically reboots the media player in the event of a software problem. This extended “watchdog” also boots and shuts down the PC at fixed times of day and night if required. Additional manual switching on and off is no longer necessary. The switching times can also be set via a software interface.

List prices and project-specific configurations

The Giada DF612 is now available from Concept International. The recommended retail price is 645 euros net incl. Windows 11 – alternatively also with Linux Ubuntu. Resellers and system houses receive special conditions. On request, Concept International supports the roll-out of projects with the Total Preparation Service: project-specific, fully configured and endurance-tested Mini PCs, even in large quantities. Plug-and-play also facilitates on-site deployment and a stock in Germany enables fast response times if required.


Further product information and a product data sheet can be found at: GIADA DF612