Munich, May 03, 2023 – With the D612 from Giada, value-added distributor Concept International has a new generation of booksize PCs for digital signage in its repertoire that impresses above all with its outstanding computing and graphics power. The latest 12th generation Intel processors (Alder Lake) offer ultra-fast performance, while support for no less than four 4K displays makes it the perfect workhorse for connected food menu displays (so-called menu boards), such as those found in fast food restaurants. But high-end digital signage customers with high demands for a sharp display of fast video cuts will also get their money’s worth with the player. The Giada D612 is available now from Concept International.

The D612 is equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors. Compared to its direct predecessor, the 12th generation Alder Lake offers more performance with the same power consumption in all variants, whether with i3, i5 or i7. Consumers will notice the smooth performance especially where things have to be fast. That is for example at order terminals in fast food restaurants, digital hotel check-ins, AI applications, high-resolution multimedia presentations or collaboration installations. But the Giada D612 is also suitable for whiteboards in educational institutions. Its slim booksize format of 18.9 x 14.8 x 2.6 cm predestines the player especially for wall mounting behind displays where space is limited.

The D612 also has a lot to offer in terms of graphics. Even in the i3 configuration, the proven Intel UHD Graphics GPU is convincing when displaying large-scale video installations. With four HDMI 2.0 ports, the PC can display up to four screens in 4K. Digital signage customers will be happy about a flicker-free refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The newer Intel Iris Xe GPU takes over the graphics work in the i5 and i7 configuration. It convinces with high performance and the processing of HDR content with a simultaneous low power consumption.

Pluggable ports provide flexibility

The working memory can be up to 32 GB, distributed over two SO-DIMM slots for DDR4-3200 MHz. The internal storage is provided with any suitable SSD via an M2 slot – alternatively, the content simply comes from the network via PXE.

Three options are available for the network: once the classic RJ45 port, then the plug-in WLAN6/BT module and finally a 4G/LTE/5G module. This allows flexible switching between cellular and WLAN depending on the requirements. Another advantage is that when a new standard comes out, such as WLAN6 recently, you don’t have to replace the device, but simply insert a new module.

One USB-C, two USB3.2 and two USB2.0 ports enable the use of peripherals like cameras, keyboard or mouse. There are also ports for the microphone and speakers.

Well protected at all levels

Security at the hardware level is provided by the optionally available Intel vPro technology, which is primarily intended for companies. This offers security tools and extended protection against cyber attacks. At the firmware level, Below-the-OS Security, TPM and Advanced Threat Detection protect the device. Also optionally available is a dedicated TPM 2.0 module. The hardware TPM provides faster hard drive access for encrypted data – unlike the standard firmware TPM – and prevents unauthorized access.

Giada ensures 24/7 availability through JAHC technology and allows the PC to be booted and shut down at different times of the day and night based on RTC (Real-Time Clock). The built-in watchdog enables automatic reboot in case the software hangs.

“New top dog in the digital signage territory”

Mike Finckh, founder and CEO of Concept International: “Working with the Giada D612 is simply fun. The smooth and fast performance is convincing with up to four displays – and all this in a handy booksize. Giada thus sets a new benchmark that cannot be bypassed in the digital signage sector for the time being.”

Prices, services and offers for the channel

The Giada D612 is available now from Concept International starting at a price of 640 euros. Attractive conditions and SLAs are available for resellers, digital signage and AV system integrators. Concept International also supports the roll-out of projects with the Total Preparation Service on request. This includes project-specific configuration and endurance testing of the players, even in large quantities. Plug-and-play simplifies on-site use and stock in Germany enables fast response times when needed.

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