Munich, September 20, 2022 – Efficient, powerful and extremely slim – the BQ611 mini PC from Giada is the fastest and most powerful in its size class. With dimensions of 200mm x 185mm x 34mm and a volume of 1.24 liters, it is barely larger than a mouse pad, so it fits into smaller niches or can be mounted invisibly behind monitors. Intel’s LG1200 10th and 11th generation socket processors provide exceptionally high computing power, which predestines the system as a media player for demanding applications in the digital signage sector. Equipped with two LAN ports, the BQ611 is also suitable as an edge device for IoT applications, for example to provide connectivity between different networks. AI-based machine learning applications, for example for individualized advertising, are also possible with Giada’s new mini PC. Windows 10 (Professional or IoT Enterprise) is used as the operating system. The BQ611 is available immediately from the Munich-based value added distributor Concept International.

Giada’s new mini PC has three display outputs (HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2, VGA) and ensures crisp videos and brilliant colors in HD and 4K quality thanks to the latest Intel UHD graphics unit. Videos are played out at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.
Despite its small volume of 1.24 liters, the BQ611 has numerous I/O ports in its luggage, including six USB 2.0, two USB 3.2 and one USB-C (3.2).

Applicable as edge computer
The mini PC also has two LAN ports. This makes it suitable as an edge device in the field of IoT, for example to provide connectivity between different networks, or for network bridge applications.

Warning message when computer cover is opened
To prevent unauthorized removal of computer covers, for example to inject malware, an additional protection mechanism is implemented on the BQ611. As soon as the computer cover is opened, the watchdog records this and sends the user a warning message the next time the system is started.

AI compatible
Retailers who want to refine their product-oriented advertising and tailor it to their customers’ needs can also use the BQ611 to run machine learning applications, where AI-driven software identifies correlations and reusable patterns. Especially when equipped with Intel’s 11th generation Core-i CPU, Intel’s Deep Learning Boost and Gaussian Neural Accelerator features provide a significant performance boost for certain AI applications.

Automatic reboot
24/7 availability is ensured by Giada’s JAHC technology. This hardware component also includes the watchdog for automatic reboot when the software hangs up and additionally enables the PC to be booted up and shut down at fixed days and times.

List prices and project-specific configurations
The Giada BQ611 is available from Concept International with the Intel LGA1200 Socket 10th and 11th generation processor variants. The recommended retail price starts at 530 Euros net. Resellers and system houses receive attractive conditions.
On request, Concept International supports the roll-out of projects with the Total Preparation Service: project-specific, ready-to-use and endurance-tested mini PCs, even in large quantities.