Wireless click-in panels for easy installations +++ Flip-chip and common-cathode technology for greater energy efficiency +++ Indestructible thanks to sealed surfaces

Munich, 25.10.2023 – With FutureLED, the value-added distributor Concept International now has an innovative supplier for LED panels in its program, whose range of products is new on the market. The total of eight series convince with flexible application possibilities and innovative technology – in the indoor as well as in the outdoor area.

On the hardware side, the innovative technology already begins with the assembly of the individual modules: Magnetic clips in combination with a very thin aluminum housing (28 to 38 mm) provide a practical alternative to conventional installation. The previously common “cable tangle” is replaced by “click and play”. Even during operation, magnets ensure perfect alignment of the LED panels. This saves valuable working time during assembly, disassembly and repair.

Clever calculation model for resellers

Concept International calculates price and demand by panel, not by square meter as is usually the case. Elaborate and time-consuming design drawings and price calculations by module, module carrier and control unit are thus a thing of the past.

Two innovative technologies ensure that the LED walls consume significantly less power and are therefore much more energy efficient: Flip Chip and Common Cathode, or FCCC for short.

Flip Chip means that the individual diodes are supplied with power directly from below, since the anode and cathode are located on the back – not on the front, as was previously the case. The LED chip is thus rotated and mounted directly on the PCB. An optical wire connection on the top side, as was previously necessary, is thus superfluous. This makes the manufacturing process significantly cheaper and ensures lower temperatures.

With Common Cathode, in simplified terms, the direction of current is reversed: the individual LEDs no longer draw their energy from a single source at the end of the circuit, but are located at the beginning of the energy supply. Instead of a common anode, i.e. a common power supply for the individual LEDs, it is the other way around here: the cathodes are combined and designed as a single connection. This technology reduces power consumption by up to 40 percent.

Robust, waterproof and UV-resistant

A protective coating is poured over the LEDs. “Glue On Board” (GOB) is what this sealing method is called. As a result, the front of the LED panels has a smooth, uniform and hard-wearing surface that not only protects against dust and moisture and is easy to wash off, the surface also copes well with mechanical stresses such as a minor collision with a shopping cart. In addition, the surface is extremely UV-resistant.

FutureLED also offers the high-quality COB process (“Chip On Board”). Here, the LEDs are applied directly to the carrier board without an optically distorting “protective housing”. This reduces the number of susceptible solder points, allows higher resolutions and ensures better black levels. The very homogeneous surface is sealed with a single, low refractive index substrate and is extremely resistant. Even walk-on floor installations are possible this way.

“The Rolls Royce of LEDs!”

FutureLED’s eight different series offer a wealth of new and innovative technologies, are much easier to set up and dismantle, and protect the environment with greatly reduced power consumption. “With FutureLED’s range, virtually all customer requirements can be implemented,” said Susanne Martini, Business Development Manager at Concept International. “The variety of new technologies and application possibilities is unique. FutureLED is the Rolls Royce of LEDs!” A three-year warranty (optionally five years), free replacement of defective modules, simple price calculation and possible vandalism insurance round off the offer.


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