Always legible, durable, powerless installation – ePaper screens for room, resource and workplace management

Munich, 20 December 2023 – With the Qbic ePaper series EP-0400 and EP-0700 for room and workplace organisation, Munich-based value-added distributor Concept International is tapping into a new market segment. Digital signs with three colours and programmable buttons provide information about room occupancy and can be integrated into planning and resource management systems. The high-quality screens are characterised, among other things, by the feedback channel for administration management, low energy consumption, good legibility in all lighting conditions and a wireless, robust design.

The EP-0400 and EP-0700 ePaper series make it much easier for users to manage rooms efficiently. Qbic focuses on five key areas:

  • Sustainability: The zero-power display uses a backlight-free design and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity significantly reduces energy consumption. In addition, the ePaper display can also show content and images without a power supply, meaning that energy is only consumed when the screen is refreshed. One set of batteries therefore lasts three to five years.
  • Pleasing to the eye: The EP series looks like printed paper on a 4.2 inch (EP-0400) or 7.5 inch (EP-0700) screen diagonal and offers a natural, pleasant viewing experience even in the most difficult lighting conditions such as direct sunlight and twilight. Without blue and background light, the eye is considerably less stressed than with a “normal” screen.
  • Fits everywhere: The display is powered by long-lasting batteries and is independent of wired power sources. The ePaper info signs hold in landscape format on various surfaces such as wood, concrete or glass, can be positioned freely or attached to a flexible holder. They are supplied with a range of mounting options for desks, walls, doors or room dividers, for example, from high-quality adhesive tape to screw mounting.
  • Scalability: Qbic’s ePaper solutions can be easily expanded, customised or integrated into existing management systems to accommodate growing businesses. Qbic’s sophisticated ecosystem makes it easy to add new signage to existing systems. One ePaper access point is connected to up to 50 displays. This ensures seamless communication so that content and firmware updates can be implemented quickly.
  • Feedback channel: Three programmable buttons expand the simple information system into a tool for planning and managing rooms, workstations and resources. Connected to a management system, work equipment such as a projector, but also drinks for participants or room cleaning after the meeting can be organised, requested or released at the touch of a button.

The ePaper series EP-0400 and EP-0700 are suitable for intuitive room or workstation information, as, unusually for devices with e-ink, the red colour is also available in addition to black and white, for example for the occupancy status.

The operable ePaper screens with their robust and elegant design also cut a fine figure in the medical sector. At the hospital bedside, for example, with patient information, when labelling hospital rooms and storage shelves or when displaying product information that guarantees the correct dispensing of medication for patients via QR code.

“The displays not only impress with their high-quality and elegant appearance. They are never too bright or too dark, but simply always easy to read. They also require remarkably little energy and are easy to operate, offering real added value in everyday life for large corporations as well as for collaborative workspaces or start-ups. Door signs are a thing of the past,” says Mike Finckh, founder and Managing Director of Concept International.