Munich, April 5, 2023 – Mobile all-in-one PCs and particularly stable medical tablets for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, medical practices and emergency services are Concept’s core offering. It is aimed at partners and resellers who value particularly durable and reliable devices and attach importance to new hardware performing quickly and easily in the demanding IT landscape of the medical industry. At the DMEA in Berlin, Concept will be showing devices from the DT Research and FuturePAD brands, such as an unusually large medical tablet measuring 17 inches and a monitor with a powerbank for PCs and vital monitors that has not been available in this form before. Trade show visitors will find Concept International at booth C-109 in Hall 1.2.

“We have built a good reputation with the internationally recognized, American manufacturer DT Research and our approach over the past five years,” said Gero Weber, business development manager for medical products at Concept International. “The basis for success is innovative hardware that runs trouble-free for years and can be afforded in the current red-tape environment.”

Above all, however, Concept scores points with the “Value Added” in its name. This means that “we don’t just push boxes, but offer comprehensive services tailored to partners and customers, such as warranty extensions and customizing, for all aspects of the hardware,” says Weber. This also includes unusually fast delivery times due to stock in Munich. However, he says the steadily growing sales of medical IT are mainly due to the complete service, consulting and, if necessary, fast RMA repair chain on site in Munich.

More digitalization on site: AIO PCs for ward round trolleys

Concept International will be demonstrating what is important in the medical sector in terms of hardware at the DMEA at Stand C-109 in Hall 1.2 using mobile computers and tablet PCs from DT Research and FuturePAD, which the Munich-based value-added distributor sells in German-speaking countries and individual EU countries. Naturally with antimicrobial, detergent-resistant housing, medically tested, standardized and certified.

The all-in-one PCs of the DT58x series, designed for both stationary and mobile use on ward rounds and nursing trolleys, have played a major role in the company’s success. They guarantee uninterrupted operation (minimum runtime is 14 to 16 hours) with three powerful, hot-swappable batteries for data acquisition and retrieval for any application scenario.

The currently redesigned version of the DT584 is particularly light and slim: 4.2 cm frame width and weighing a maximum of 7.9 kg even with all three optional power batteries – some monitors can’t keep up! In addition, the AIO-PC also serves as an optional power bank and supplies up to three additional devices, such as an additional monitor, vital monitor, label printer or scanner, with one 12, 15 or 19 V connection each.

Thanks to the smooth rear of the housing with IPX2 protection class and IP65-protected front, the all-in-one PCs are easy to clean and meet the hygiene requirements in clinical environments. They are EN60601-1 certified.

Representing DT581, DT582 and DT584, the series is available in various performance and size levels with capacitive touchscreens ranging from 19.5 to 22.5 to 23.8-inch screen diagonals. The working memory ranges between 8 and 64 GB. The processors are either from the energy-saving Intel Pentium Gold or Core i family (i5, i7, i9), depending on the requirements.

More mobility through ultra-slim medical tablets

FuturePAD’s FPQ10 tablet with 10.1-inch screen is not only “fully rugged”, i.e. able to withstand a lot, but at 10 mm is also considered the thinnest device in its class. This means that the most important data is always with you, even when you’re on the go, without any bulky additional devices. Depending on the requirements, the tablet is delivered with Windows or, particularly energy-saving and powerful, now also with Android 11 to match the existing software environment.

DT Research is pursuing a different goal with the DT373 medical tablet, which has the familiar exchangeable batteries. At 17 inches, it offers the largest screen diagonal available for medical tablets on the market. Still mobile to use, but most importantly brilliant and detailed for demanding imaging procedures and lots of clear information.

Internally, the DT373 makes use of an 11th generation Core-i processor. Highlights include replaceable batteries, a smart card reader, and optional 4G or 5G, as well as a VESA-75 mount for mounts at a total weight of 2 kg.

More than a screen

The DT722/724 smart monitor will debut at DMEA as a new development. “The highlight is the well-known, optional three hot-swap batteries with a DC output management for third-party devices,” says Gero Weber. As with the AIO PC, the monitor can thus be used as a “power bank” and supplies devices such as mini PCs, scanners and vital data devices with one 12, 15 and 19 V connection each.

Displayed in high-resolution FHD on a 24- or 27-inch capacitive touchscreen, the DT722 is also antimicrobial (certified to ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1) and equipped with WiFi and optional front-facing camera, for example, for secure, privacy-compliant identification. VESA compatibility goes without saying.
With numerous ports such as three USB 3.0, HDMI and USB-B input, it easily fits into any conceivable hardware environment.

More power on the go – the Battery Holster

With the 3-fold Li-Ion battery pack, Concept offers a simple, lightweight, practical and also safe solution for mobile power supply, for example on business trolleys. The pure power management solution is about the size of four thick paperbacks stacked on top of each other and weighs just over 2 kg, including housing and holder. It is equipped with exactly the same batteries that already serve as the power source for the DT58x series and the DT722/724 monitor.

The batteries can be exchanged without interruption during operation in the sturdy aluminum housing and supply up to three devices simultaneously with 12, 15 or 19 V each. Each individual battery provides 90 W at 8250 mAh. It is the same type used for the DT58x series.

The Battery Holster can be easily and sensibly accommodated on ward and nursing trolleys thanks to a variety of screw connection options and usually provides power for more than just one shift during regular operation. A flexible LED cable is used to monitor the charge status.
You will find Concept International at booth C-109 in hall 1.2. More information about the medical products is available on the corresponding website at