The Munich-based value-added distributor’s line-up at DSSE 2024 includes players from Giada, the AirServer Connect 3, ePaper displays from Qbic and LED walls from FutureLED

Munich, April 8, 2024 – The Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSSE) in Munich is giving up its traditional summer date for King Football: The DS industry is already meeting at the Hilton Munich Airport on May 22 and 23 to avoid competing with the European Championships. A home game for value added distributor Concept International, where the Munich-based specialist for LED walls and corresponding players will be showcasing a range of first-class top scorers at stand 13.

Among Giada’s DS players – all models are now available with 13th generation Intel processors – the new D77 performance Android player will take center stage. Including the NPU (Neural Process Unit) as an AI booster, the latest third performance driver on the board alongside the CPU and GPU, indispensable for demanding deep learning applications, for example. “Deep learning can be used to recognize characteristics such as age or gender, even in large groups, in less than a millisecond and control the output of corresponding content. For example, the offer for chocolate Easter bunnies when a family with children walks through the sales area,” illustrates Concept Managing Director Mike Finckh. As a first for Giada, the D77 now has four HDMI outputs on board.

As a hot seller with an affordable Atom CPU, Concept International has the fanless F108D booksize PC in the starting line-up at the DSSE: An Intel processor from the Raptor Lake N series, combined with the latest 10 nm chip technology and a new graphics core, ensures performance comparable to that of an i3 four years ago – but at a significantly lower price. In addition to two HDMI and one display port connection, the media player offers six USB slots (two USB 3.2 Gen2 and four USB 2.0), two Ethernet RJ45 interfaces and two serial COM ports. Equipped in this way, the Booksize PC masters digital signage applications in 4K resolution in large-format LEDs, for example in stores and restaurants, with ease and supports three displays simultaneously.

Meetings more interactive and flexible than ever before with the AirServer Connect 3

“BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting” is the successful strategy of the AirServer Connect 3, which allows both internal and external users to participate in conferences using their preferred communication platform. The new AirServer has 2.5 Gbit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6E for wireless transmission in conference rooms, classrooms or presentation rooms. The E stands for an extended or additional frequency band, which ensures better and more stable streaming connections, especially in the education sector with many access points. This means that up to twelve users can now share content simultaneously instead of the previous eight and access the central digital equipment with their smartphones, laptops or tablets. The small hardware box can be attached to the back of a conference room display, for example, without screws thanks to a rubber-coated magnetic holder. Unlike its predecessors, the Connect 3 no longer requires a separate power supply unit. Power is supplied via the USB-C connection, which is also new.

Digital door signage: the magic word is back channel

The innovative ePaper displays from Qbic can do much more than other digital door signs. The magic word here is: feedback channel! Unlike conventional electronic room signage systems, Qbic’s displays have three freely programmable buttons as a feedback channel to the corresponding room booking system. This means, for example, that everyone knows immediately whether the room or workstation in question is already occupied or still free at the scheduled time, or what technical equipment is to be provided there, and much more besides.

In contrast to the usual black and white ePaper screens, the Qbic can also provide information in the signal color red. For example, if a room has already been reserved for someone else. The simple information system thus becomes a room planning and management tool. Whether on the glass pane of a cubicle, on a concrete wall or on a wooden table: the EP-0400 (4.2-inch display) and EP-0700 (7.5-inch display) series include the appropriate mounting bracket – but can also be simply attached using adhesive tape and integrated wirelessly into the office space. The batteries of the virtually maintenance-free displays last for at least three years. All functions can be tested immediately with a free demo license for the first display.

Power-saving and bright LED walls thanks to “chip on board”

The LED video walls in the Rubin series from FutureLED for indoor use have a unique pixel engine at the start: it uses four LEDs squarely and efficiently in one light point, thus avoiding shadow areas. Red, green and blue – and because it is particularly cheap to produce, green is simply available twice (RGBG). The green diodes only shine half as bright and the overall composition is restored, with the advantage that it has visibly better contrasts and black levels than the usual triple constellation (RGB).

Thanks to “chip-on-board” (COB) technology, in which several LED chips are cast directly into a printed circuit board, greater luminous fluxes and therefore brighter light than usual are generated – and equally bright at every point without transitions.

Concept Managing Director Mike Finckh summarizes the combination of features as follows: “This super COB technology optimizes colour accuracy, brightness, image quality and contrast (1:10,000) and at the same time enables smooth and resistant surfaces on the front that are easy to wash off, dust-resistant, impact-resistant and UV-resistant.”

No cables are required to install the LED panels; the contact points for power, signal and LED module are connected with a magnetic snap-in. This means that the video walls can be set up or faults found much more quickly – whether for trade fairs, conferences or even the kick-off of the European Football Championship.

Visitors can find Concept International at DSSE 2024 on May 22 and 23 at the Hilton Munich Airport at stand 13.

Product information on the DSSE 2024 highlights can be found on the CONCEPT website >>

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