Zero Clients

Advantages of Zero Clients

Zero clients simplify the setup and ongoing IT support for PC workstations because the applications and software packages used run centrally on the server where the data is also stored. Software and security updates can thus be carried out in one place. This makes it easier for your company to meet high compliance and security requirements. Thanks to the slim design without SSD memory or complex graphics card, costs can also be saved with zero clients. Energy consumption is also significantly lower than with normal PCs. Zero clients are a highly interesting option for companies that make a conscious, long-term decision in favor of a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Service & Support

Interested parties can obtain tried and tested zero clients from VXL from us at a reasonable price. We offer your company the necessary consulting and orientation to find the best client PC configuration depending on the existing server landscape and virtual desktop infrastructure. We stand for technologically and conceptually sustainable solutions that can also ensure long-term support. By the way: Within the framework of a well-planned Zero Client solution, graphically demanding uses with up to 3-D applications, multiple screens and 4K resolution are also possible! We are looking forward to your request!

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